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May – October

15 Mins

Walk in

2 Hours

Via Verrata

30 Mins

Walk out






Slope Aspect

3437 ET

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A good route with stunning views of the Ecrin’s national park, it is mostly in the shade, so good for hot days.  From the parking walk towards the notice board and turn right.  Follow this path (signed to Tournoux) downhill and back up again, on the next straight with boulders on the left there is a path and sign, follow this to the start.  The start is quite physical and then the route traverses to the right. Leading to a series of ledges and then back left on a big ledge, the final section is steeper and very enjoyable, the route has some staples and quite a lot of rock holds to use.

Decent:  There are two options, either walk back on the main path following the signs to the col and parking.  Or follow this path a short way then branch right onto smaller path (signed but not well Via Ferrata). Follow this to a cliff edge and via ferrata decent.  It heads down a narrow gully it’s not the nicest route and can be quite dirty in places with some loose rock, care is needed.

Parking 1 44°48'44.4"N 6°30'42.4"E at the end of paved road add 20 min walk.
Parking 2 44°48'32.2"N 6°30'54.9"E parking at the end of a rough road at the col Pousterle
Recommended kit
Millet - Men's micro-fleece jacket
3437 ET

Map IGN Number

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