August 9, 2020

How to use the Via Ferrata Guides

How to use the Via Ferrata Guides



The adventure sports that are covered within the guides on this site are activities are mountain adventure sports and carry a risk of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

It is important that you understand this and have the skills and knowledge to manage these risks.  The guides on this website are designed for people who are already experienced in these sports, and they are NOT a beginner’s guide. They are a tool for the experienced to help them plan. If you are not experienced in these sports but would still like to try them, then I recommend that you use the services of a guide or instructor. It’s a great way to begin learning the skills to become self-reliant.


Finding a route

This guide gives you a few options on how to find a suitable route.

Featured – These are some of the writer’s favorite routes.

Play list - Here we list the routes by grade so you can search by the level/grade you want.

Grades explained HERE

Map – here using google map you can search routes by location, once you have found one use the link to take you to the description.

Open browsing – Here you can just check out all the routes in the guides, you can narrow by area such as Écrins, Briancon and Queyras.


Once you have found a suitable route – you will find the following details:


Stat’s – key information about the route such as length and height gain.

Photos – photos on the route or topo photos of the route.

Description - This is not meant to be a blow by blow account of the route just a basic overview as the adventure should be yours.

Map – A map representing the route, these are not to scale but to give you an overview.

View map and GPX– we don’t yet have these features for Via Ferrata as we don’t feel they are needed, neither would they show the actual via ferrata route well.

Parking – this takes you to google maps where you can see the parking for the route and if on a mobile use it to get directions.


I do my best to ensure that the information on this site is up to date and correct. However, things can change in the mountains and information can become old. I cannot accept any responsibility for this information and I have to disclaim all liability in respect of such information.


Here is our safety page to remind you some of the SAFETY ISSUES

Questions and feedback – If you have any questions or feedback, it would be great to hear from you, either drop me an email here, or join my Facebook group and get in touch there.


Please be responsible for you self-act safely and have fun.


Cheers Rob

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