Via Ferrata Grading

Colour grading system

This system takes into account, physical difficulty, duration, degree of intimidating exposure and availability of positions to rest. It should be noted that some are more suitable than others for smaller people or children as the reaches for the cable can be awkward with short arms.

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This is the easiest grade of route, often designed for children, but can be equally as much fun for beginners. There are no hard moves and it won’t be very physical.


Very few or no hard moves, easy scrambling suitable for most people. Equivalent mountaineering grade F (Facile) or PD (Peu Difficile).


Starting to get physical, could have moves that are strenuous and require good balance and good level of fitness. The hard moves should be spaced out and not sustained. Equivalent nountaineering grade AD (Assez Difficile).


Routes starting to get strenuous and physical, could be overhanging rock or stretches of harder moves linked together. Good balance may be needed on bridges and obstacles. May have to clip carabiners while onn harder moves. Equivalent mountaineering grade D (Difficile).


The grade given to the hardest routes, with very physical parts including overhanging rock, longer physical sections, and/or technical sections with low-grade rock climbing skills, you will need to be used to being in this environment. You may have to clip your carabiners in physical and pressured situations. Very good fitness required. Equivalent mountaineering grade TD (Trés difficile).

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