via ferrata route

Pra Premier


May – October

20 Mins

Walk in

2.5 Hours

Via Verrata

45 Mins

Walk out





North East

Slope Aspect

3537 ET

Map IGN Number

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This route has two starts a red route that goes straight up and then traverses to the left.  Or a blue which follows a scree path (with cable) and then goes up the rock to a ladder where the routes join.  Then it heads upwards using rungs and rock until it splits again right is an easy way off, and left traverses and gains height to the summit

Decent. From the top follow the path away from the cliff face and down in to a stunning alpine setting.  The path bends to the left and in to a small valley, keep going down until you get to the lake and the road that lead back to the parking

3537 ET

Map IGN Number

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