via ferrata route

Mines Du Grand Clôt la Grave


April to October

5 Mins

Walk in

4 hours

Via Verrata

2.5 hours

Walk out






Slope Aspect

3436 ET

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This route follows the old access to a silver mine, you can still see some of the working’s and original access equipment.  This is a very long route and if done on a hot summer day can be hard work.

For those with access to a second car in their party it is advised to park one car as Le Chazelet 45°03'24.8"N 6°16'48"E this will allow you to skip some of the long and steep walk off. If not use the parking below

It’s a steep 5 minute walk to the start by the mine workings.  The first section goes up on good rock and through a small tunnel, it then twists back on itself and climbs up the rock face.  It continues with small tougher sections mixed with easier traverses to about half height, where it changes character.  It becomes more walking on small traversing paths with short rock scrambles, as it zigs zags its way up the cliff be sure to take in the stunning views.  There are places where there is no cable but the path is easy to follow with care, it continues like this to the top.

From the top follow signs and a big pole over a ridge to Le Chazelet. Walk through the village to a sign (Via ferrata return) which will take you right.  It takes you out of the village and then heads down, you go past a pretty (chapel Notre Dame de Bon Repos) keep heading down to Les Freaux village.  Go through that and cross the Romanche river, turn right follow a path until the bridge, then back track on the road a few minutes to the parking.

3436 ET

Map IGN Number

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