via ferrata route

Gorges la Durance Green & Yellow


June - September

3 mins

Walk in

1.5 hours

Via Verrata

15 Mins

Walk out



30 Mins



Slope Aspect

3536 OT

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Nestled in the huge durance gorge are a series of via ferratas with something for everyone.  There is a fee to access these routes, around 7€ and it is well worth the money.

This is a well set up venue, there is a reception area where you sign in you can hire via ferrata equipment, and be show how to fit it and how it works (great for those who are new to via ferrata or need a recap).

Description: The Yellow route is designed for cnildren aged 4 and over it runs just above the footpath and it is 30 meters long with a series of rungs and bridges.  There are even some cuddly toys for the kids to find!  The entrance fee is for the whole day so young children can do this as many times as they/you would like to gain confidence (in between playing by the river).

The green route follows the gorge and traverses the Durance river. It incorporates a mix of staples and rock holds plus a small bridge. The hardest bit at the start with a corner that it’s hard to see round for the next hold. But it can be avoided by using a ladder further along the path on the rocky beach area.

3536 OT

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