via ferrata route

Château Queyras


May – October

5 Mins

Walk in

2 Hours

Via Verrata

15 Mins

Walk out






Slope Aspect

3537 ET

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A short route that follows an amazing gorge, in spring you may see kayakers boating below you. Cross the road bridge and at the sign follow the cable in to the gorge.  The route used to cross over the river on a few bridges (still there but unusable) and finished near the Fort.  Due to access issues, it now stays on the left bank and traverses the rock above the raging rapids and using wire bridges to span some gaps.  There are two escape routes leading out of the gorge as you progress along.

Recommended kit
Climbing technology - MUSA - Lightweight and multi-purpose adjustable three-buckle women’s harness, specifically designed for the female anatomy

3537 ET

Map IGN Number

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