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Via ferrata

This Safety Guide covers the basics of the things you should know when embarking on a via ferrata. It cannot replace trainning by a mountain professional.

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Attaching to the Cable

to the cable with at least one arm of your Y lanyard, even when passing anchors.

Some Y Lanyards come with a middle arm, so you can attach another carabiner, which when tired allows the user to rest on rungs while remaining connected to the cable.


Due to the construction of the via ferrata with rungs and staples, more people can easily access vertical terrain which is normally the domain of rock climbers. However, the risks present in vertical activities, and particularly the risk of falling, remain.

During a fall
The carabiner will slide along the cable, with the y-lanyard inactive
on impact with the first anchor reached, the energy absorber should deploy.
The fall has risks that the Y-lanyard cannot prevent: the user can hit a bar, the rock, or other users which can be very severe and best avoided.


Leave Space when FollowingWhen following others leave space especially on vertical sections where their fall may injure you. On vertical sections it is recommended to have only one person between each anchorage point.


Use a Dynamic Climbing RopeUsing a dynamic climbing rope along with energy absorbing lanyard limits the length of the fall and its potential consequences.

Recommended in the following situations:
Difficult passages with higher risk of falling
Situations where the user risks hitting an obstacle before the fall is arrested by the energy absorber
Progression with children or climbers weighing under 45 kg or over 100 kg

Weather Forecast

Check the weatherThe Hautes Alpes area is a high mountain environment and you need to check the weather before you undertake a via ferrata and plan accordingly. Pack suitable clothing etc. and avoid getting caught out in a storm; being attached to a long steel cable in a lightning storm is not good.


Rope em upVia ferrata routes can be an amazing way to introduce children to the mountains. Some of our routes are designed specifically for children of different ages with the space between rungs appropriate for small reaches. Please remember that young people may not be big enough to trigger the energy absorbing lanyards so it is advisable to rope children up using suitable techniques.


Don’t rush anyoneYou may meet groups that are faster or slower than you. It is possible to overtake safely but take care not to make people rush as that can causes mistakes. Allow the slower person to find a place they feel secure to stop and let the faster/more confident person move around them. When overtaking clip round the person as you would a tree or anchor.


Use a GuideIf you are not sure of any of the above it is advisable to use a guide who can not only guide you on a via ferrata but can instruct you on how to become more independent on them.

in case of an


112 is the general emergency number in France
PGHM Briançon 04 92 21 58 58
CRS/PGHM Briançon +33 (0)4 92 22 22 22


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If you are not sure about this then we recommend taking a course or hiring a mountain Guide.

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