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Tour de Furfande

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June - October

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A long walk but worth it covering some great ground with good views, and refuge to stop for a drink.


From the parking head west on the GR-58, there is a rough road that leads to the col du furfande, but its nicer to take the footpath that runs alongside and crosses the road.  There are signs along the foot path and navigation is straight forward, at the col there are amazing views all around.

Descend south on a thin track, keep your eyes open you will probably see lots of marmots here, you pass the refuge de Furfande which is a great place to stop for refreshments or to stay the night.

From the refuge take the GR-58 south east to the col de la Lauze, start to descend as the path splits take the higher path to Le Queyron.  Just after this the path meets another rough forest road, stay on this for 100m until a track leads north into the woods(you can stay on the road but it’s not as nice).  Follow the track through the trees of the bois des vaches, until it re-joins the forest road near the 1820M height. Stay on the forest road until just after a sharp right hand bend and the 1803M height,not far after the bend there is a small tack leading right down towards le Giet; follow this until it joins the GR-58 just near the parking.

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