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A big day out on a walk that had 3 stunning lakes, an impressive col and a finishes on a peak, bring your strong legs.


From the parking in Abries pick up the GR 58 it climbs out of the village passing crosses and a chapel and then heads west to the hamlet of Malrif. The path follows the Malrif torrent northwards and then starts to climb in zigzag paths until the grand Laus lake is reached. From the Lake head west and climb first to the lac Mezan and then the petit Laus lac (together theseare the Malrif lacs).  From the petit lac head north and follow a stream gully until it starts to flatten out then head east, (this path is not marked on the map but there should be a faint track to follow), this path contours around the side on the mountain you should be able to see the grande lac for most of it. It brings you to a col just below the pic Malrif, from the col a steep path leads you to the summit.

From the summit head south on a path that follows a ridge down to the grand lake. Then retrace your steps to the parking.

Other options, when you first arrive at the grand lac, you can shorten the walk by taking a path straight to the col or summit, also you could just walk to see the three lacs, all of these are great days out.

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