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Point de l’Aiglière

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3.3 E1 PD-

Jan - March








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Slope Aspect

3437 ET

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A stunning ski on an east face perfect for spring skiing. But a big day out which could involve some walking late spring.
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From the parking on a bend just after the Puy St Vincent 1600 ski station. Follow a path from the bend heading NW, after 60 metres it crosses a piste. The path is flat and  traverses around into the Narreyroux valley, in spring this can be lacking in snow and mean a boot. Once in the Narreyroux valley the path heads SW and starts to climb towards some waterfalls (cascades). Most people stay on skiers right bank of the river until the pont de Narreyroux then cross over, its a little longer but less of a bush bash.
Climb the easy slopes to the left of the waterfall at the le Coul de mélèze, and then traverse north past the Cabana des Grands Plans to the 2179m height. Cross a ravine and climb a small rock band. In the GPX route i attached I crossed the ravin and the rock band higher up, its not always possible and involves crossing a steep loose rock ledge where you don’t want to fall. Not recommended. 
From the 2179m height join the east face of Point de l’Aiglière, climb this to a flatter area, cross this and the slope kicks up again. Climb the steeper face and head towards the ridge. Follow the ridge up to the summit, be aware the summit is behind what you can see.
From the summit return to the east face, you can drop in from the high point of the face or descend the ridge a little and drop in there. Ski the east face ideally on perfect spring snow. Descend to the 2179m hight and then reverse the travers past the cabana and ski the trees in the Coul de Mélèze back to the valley floor. Then its the easy angle trace back to the car. You need to keep up your speed in places here or end up poling.

3437 ET

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