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Pic Ségure

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Grade 2.3 E1 R

Jan - March








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Slope Aspect

3637 OT

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Its’ a long way but worth it, with stunning views and great skiing, expect it to be busy if there has been a retour du est.

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From the parking in Ristolas follow a short section of ski du fond track 100m and the turn right and continue up a forest road. Arriving at a three way split take the middle one and climb through the woods. This path gets steep for a section and then traverses to the south (right) to join another short steep section. Cross a stream and continue to climb and traverse to the south through the woods. Just as the woods start too thin out you come across a roped off nature reserve which you are not allowed in. 

After leaving the trees the slopes open up, continue to traverse and gain hight. There are a few summit options if you fancy a shorter day the Pic de Maloqueste and the Pic de Chabriere. If going to the Pic Ségure cross the torrent de la Bluette and then start to climb towards the summit, approach the top and access the summit from the west side of the peak. 


There are two options:

1. Ski straight down to the valley floor, at the bottom you can ski with a little poling your way on a track back round to the parking.

2. You can travers the slope heading back the way you came. A long but less fun ski.

If you have the legs you can combine these two options by skiing to the valley floor,  putting your skins back on and climbing up to above the nature reserve before skiing the trees back the way you came in.

3637 OT

Map IGN Number

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