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Slope Aspect

3536 OT

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A stunning looking line on a pyramid of a peak seen from the Durance valley. A classic but a big day out.

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The parking can vary depending on where the snow levels are. It is possible to drive to Rocher Baron or even higher but it’s a north facing forest track so not always clear of snow. If you can’t make the drive you need to start at St Martin de Queyrières and walk up a rough road often with no snow on it (it can be drivable with a 4x4 but it’s not really allowed access wise).  It can be worth wearing trainers for this and leaving them higher up. 

From Rocher Baron you go through the village and up to join the road near clot de la Rama, Follow the road south past le Pas du Rif to a bridge over the torrent de St Sebastien. Cross the bridge and going up through the trees to Calvaire du Vallon.

After here there is a short steep climb to access the higher valley, as it levels off you will see the face that takes you up the the Crête de Serre Chapelle, Climb the face, steep in places to the ridge and the follow to the summit.


Ski the main face trending skiers left, this is the easiest way through the rock band and rejoins the route that you came up. Then ski westwards to the trees and the steeper section above the Calvaire du Vallon. From here you can ski the road back down through the trees cutting across the road in places. Once at the bridge it’s easier to follow the road back to Rocher Baron if there is snow to ski. Then back down to the parking (don’t forget your trainers).

3536 OT

Map IGN Number

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