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Ski touring route

Les Tetes

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1.1 E1 R

December - April








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3437 ET

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This route is good for beginners, if the snow is bad or just as a leg stretch. It criss-crosses a ski de fond (cross country ski)track.  From the parking go up the road for about 20 metre's until you see the start of the ski de fond track; start off up this.  After the first switchback you come to a house. Turn left (south-west) just before it to cut the corners off the road/ski de fond track. Head up steeply then back onto the road.  Stay on the road through the next houses and as it starts to bend left there is another cut through on the right which takes you up behind another house.  Once back on the road there’s a short straight then more cuts through as the road zigzags up steeper ground. You will soon reach the Col de la Pousterle.


From the point at which you enter the northern(Vallouise) end of the col leave the road and head south. This brings you back to the track next to a sign. Cross the track and keep going south.  Take the left-hand fork off the ski de fond track to traverse up and to the left.  At the top you rejoin the road; cross it and head towards the trees and a steep slope. As the slope steepens traverse up and left, returning to the road, which you follow rightwards uphill for a short section until another path leads off to the left. Continue in this direction now for quite a way, crossing the road a few times. You reach a point where you rejoin the road just as the ground opens out in front of you with a small hill on the left.  Here you have 2 options: a) follow the road round and right to an amazing viewpoint with great views into the Freissinières valley (but be aware that you may have to do some skating to get back) or b) if the snow is nice head up the small hill on the left to a ridge and then comedown from there.



Again, you have 2 options:

a)     You can ski down the road all the way, not a bad choice if the snow is poor. The map shows this option.


b)    You can cut the corners and explore if the snow is good. With a range of easy angled slopes to choose from it is a nice mellow ski. Just be aware that the further left you go there are some steeper bits and cliffs, and if you drop too low on the left you will  need to skin back up and over the Col de la Pousterleto get back to the parking.  Once back over the Col de la Pousterle it is better to ski down the road for the last part.



Please remember you are on and crossing a ski de fond track, so people will be out training on it and have paid for a pass to use it.  Try and stay off it as much as possible on the way up, give way to ski de fond people and avoid skiing or skinning in the grooves cut for traditional ski de fond skis.

3437 ET

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