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Ski touring route

Breche du Croseras Boucle de Furfande

ski grade

4.1 E3 PD

Jan - March





40/45° 100M



High Point


Low Point


Slope Aspect


Distance Up


Distance Down


Slope Aspect

3537 ET

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From the parking follow the GR 58 west on the forest road,cutting the obvious corners make you way to the Col de Furfande. From there traverse south wards under the Crete du Croseras, there are two couloirs and you want the second more obvious one, climb this to the Breache (south).


The first part down into the couloir (north side) can be tricky requiring a climb down.  Once you’re in it, there is a steep start that leads to a tight section (just over ski length), after this it opens up towards the valley floor.

Ski down towards la font des Olives, from there skin back up to the col de Fontouse ou col de Clausis. From the col ski down past the Cabine de Fontouse and join the forest road at 1813M, follow the road north back to the GR 58.

It is possible instead of going over the col de Fontouse oucol de Clausis, to climb up and ski down the Dent d Ratier

Recommended Kit
Climbing technology - Ultra-light pulley / rope clamp (only 80 g!) designed for work, rope climbing maneuvers, rescue and self-rescue situations.

3537 ET

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