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May 12, 2023

OGSO Jaeger NEO UL Review

OGSO Jaeger NEO UL Review

OGSO are a newish brand and they have a unique ski range set up I think of it as the almost custom ski.

They essentially offer two skis, a fully rockered model (Super Rocker) and a more traditional camber (Neoteric). Then you get a choice of weight, they do a super light version which is ultra light and aimed at ski touring and ski alpinism, then they do a medium light version which is more of a freeride ski which still works well for the odd bit of short touring. Then you have a choice of widths underfoot, they start at 70mm and go up in 10mm increments to 110mm, but they are also to scale so the longer your ski the wider it is. For example the Jaeger is the super light Neoteric ski that is in the 80mm underfoot range, but I have the 180cm length so it is in fact scaled up to 86mm underfoot. This makes it really easy to chose a ski that’s the shape, size and weight that  you want.

The Jaeger is named after the couloir Jaeger on Mont Blanc du Tacul, it has a grade of 5.4 E3 so should give you a good idea of the terrain it is designed for.


I have the 180cm ski and it has the following specs: 

Tip width - 123

Underfoot - 86

Tail width - 107

Weight - 1.4 kg

Turn radius  18m 

Lets compare it to some other similar sized skis for weight:

Zag 85 - 178cm @ 117-85-103 = 1.2kg

Blizzard zero G 085 - 171cm @ 115-85-99 = 1.11kg

Black crows Ova Freebired 176cm @ 126-85-109 =1.2kg

Most people looking for a 80ish underfoot are probably looking for a light ski this can be hard to compare as often manufacturers only give a weight for a small ski to give a good headline number. As the weights for most of the skis above are for smaller skis either in length and/or overall size of the ski. Looking at the stats I would say the Jaegar is not going to be the lightest 80mm underfoot, but it is comparable. I mounted mine with Marker alpinist and found it a light combo.

For the up’s it’s perfect, it’s light and smooth. Great if you are looking for a longer or faster day in the mountains, or multiple days. It’s also good if you just want a lighter ski for any touring.

I got to ski these in the 22/23 season on a variety of snow types. They performed well on powder and soft snow, a lot better that you would imagine for a thin ski, maybe that’s where a bigger surface area comes into play. On firmer and harder snow they really perform. With some lighter and thinner skis you get chatter on the ski and they start to flap around, not so with the Jaeger they are solid, they hold their grip really well and stay on course. Part of this is because they are a stiff ski. The tail and tip have a medium flex but get stiffer under the foot due to a mix of carbon and fibreglass and other goodies.*

Over all this is a great lighter ski, for skiing the whole mountain. It’s able to deal with all snow types and conditions really well. It is quite stiff ski and would be more suitable for people that are happy on stiffer skis and can really drive the skis. I am not sure I would recommend them to a beginner or someone looking for an easy access ski. The OGSO Spearhead is the same ski in terms of dimensions and weight but is a fully rockered ski, because of the shape it feels a little bit softer and more accessible to ski so that maybe a better option for those looking for a more relaxed ride.

*OGSO is very open about what goes in to their skis, on each ski page of their website it breaks down the construction.

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