Walking Grading

Colour grading system

Below is an over view of the grading system used for this guides.  Grades are worked out by a combination of factors that make up the grade and not always just one thing like distance.  For example a long but easy to navigate walk with no real exposure could be classed as child and family friendly, where as a short but very steep route with exposure and serious risk if you slip would be advanced, so make sure you check the all the stats on each route to make sure you get the right walk for you.

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These are the easiest walks in this guide and are suitable for families; these walks have straight forward navigation and no exposure.They tend to be the shorter walks in this guide, but still check the detail of the route before leaving on it.


These offer a step up from children and family walks, they can still be suitable to families, but they maybe a bit longer and the navigation should still be straight forward but you will have to do some navigation, exposure should be low or sections that have exposure are easily managed or avoided.  


These walks will start to get challenging and involve a longer distance, physically more challenging with long steep section, periods of exposure or tricky path sections, a good level of experience and sure footedness is needed and a good level of fitness.


These are the hardest walks in this guide and you need to be very experienced to undertake them, the navigation could be hard and they will be physical in nature, and can include long sections of exposure and or rock scrambling, sometimes with the use of fixed equipment.

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