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From the parking at Le Laus take the ski du fond track heading south east, at the first junction turn left and follow it as it rises.  After passing the 1994M height you will come to a wide opening in the trees heading east, follow this until it narrows.  Here you have two options, the first is to turn to the north and follow a road that winds up the hillside to the Bergeriede Balais and from there head east to the col (this is the easier option).  Or go straight up from where it narrows, then up steeper slopes to the Col de Chaude Maison.  From the col follow the ridge north until the height of 2855M.


Ski down to the 2831M height, from here you can ski down into the combe or traverse around the edge to drop in on a different aspect.  At the bottom of this first slope it narrows, follow the combe Obscure all the way down, with little gully’s and turns through gaps between rocks, until you get to the trees. Ski the most open sections of the trees until you reach the ski du fond track then follow this back to the parking.


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